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"I'm not insane...i'm just deadly..."~Psycho Mickey.


Psycho Mickey is a Mickey Mouse suit which is known to be a more aggressive suit than most of the other suits. Psycho Mickey is based of the Original Mickey Mouse, instead his eye iris are tiny, and his mouth is out stretched.


Psycho Mickey is based of the original Mickey Mouse design, unlike Photo-Negative Mickey, he has a mouse tail, and is not color inverted. His colors retain as the normal Mickey Mouse colours, however. his eye irises are tiny, and his mouth is outstretched.


Psycho Mickey's behaviour is much more aggressive, psycho and hostile, and tends to give the player much lesser time to react and try to avoid him. However, he starts in the Storage Room, off-camera. Then, he appears standing in the room. He moves almost directly toward The Office, and moves alot quicker than other suits/toons.


  • Storage Room
  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • Lounge
  • Office.


"I'm not insane....i'm just deadly..."

"I'm going insane.."

"You left me here...You made me mad..."