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My Fnati Jumpscares (So Far)

The First Encounter Of Unused Blood Face At 0:03 His Jumpscare.


My Fnati Jumpscare (Again) (New Jumpscare's, New Sound)

A Second Encounter Of Unused Blood Face At 0:09 His Jumpscare Again But Normal The Face Jumpscare Audio With Low Pitch.


All My Fnati Suits and Humanoids

A Third Encounter Of Unused Blood Face At 3:53 His Size Is Big For Some Reason And Named ??? The Reason Its Unknown.


All Fnati ltr Characters Cancelled

Final Encounter Of Unused Blood Face At 0:15 His Full Model Can Be Seen.


Blood Face Unused Model Has Same Model As Normal The Face From We Know And Love Today His Ears Are Gone Only 1 Spike On His Head.

Blood Face Unused Only Appeared Two Jumpscares Videos He Also Appeared Two All Suits Video.

Accoreding His Jumpscare He Will Teleport To Players Desk And Come Out From The Desk And Lunge At Player.